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Beach Wedding Decoration

How to Decorate for a Beach Wedding on a Budget

Beach Wedding DecorationOfficial celebrations of love are always a grand affair, with the bride and groom looking their best and the venue reflecting luxury. Everyone is treated to mouth-watering dishes and champagne flows like there’s no tomorrow. The décor looks splendid, flowers cascade in all their glory and color schemes are designed to match perfectly. But, as everyone knows, none of it comes cheap. Weddings can cost a small fortune and if you aren’t careful, you may find yourself with barely any money left, post-wedding. Fortunately, there is a solution. With some careful planning, it is possible to have a very memorable wedding without shelling out large sums of cash.

Beach weddings are perfect if you live in a coastal area. You don’t need to do much with the setting, just add a few things here and there and you’re ready to tie the knot. The best part about a beach wedding is that the ocean, breeze and sand already make a lovely foundation for the décor so all you need to do is just enhance the set. If you’re planning on a beach wedding but need to work under a budget, worry not as we’ve listed a few tips guaranteed to make your wedding a success besides saving you a small fortune.

1. If you plan to walk down the aisle, then you’ll need to make one yourself. It’s easy, though, and shouldn’t take up too much time. To create a bit of order, you can use wooden stakes that have been painted white to mark the aisle. Decorate the stakes with ribbons and flowers. Be sure to tie the ribbons in a flowing manner so that they dance in the breeze.

2. Most beach weddings are al fresco affairs but you can also choose to set up a mini marquee. These tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose one that isn’t walled and with only a roof. This will add to the beach setting.

3. Use white beach chairs for your guests during the wedding ceremony. You can tie sheer pieces of cloth to the backs of the chairs and knot them into flowing bows.

4. Place a few candles inside the marquee to highlight the spot. Since it will more than likely be windy, you can use transparent candle coverings that are widely available in the market.

5. Beaches are loaded with shells and if you can’t find the right size or shape, you can get them over the internet or at hobby stores. Use them to decorate the edges of the aisle as well as the area under the marquee.

6. Tall vases filled with white and pastel-colored flowers can be used to add more to the décor of the marquee. Clear vases will look especially good as they will go well with the beach theme.

The tips listed above don’t require you to spend a lot of money. This way, you can save up much-needed cash for your honeymoon and for the initial course of your marriage. Use them to ensure having a memorable wedding and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process. 

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Planning Your Destination Wedding on a Budget

Everyone wants to plan a wedding that is special and memorable in every way possible. A destination wedding especially is one that needs a lot of planning and there is always the danger of expenses spiraling out of control. So, it is advisable to keep your destination wedding planning in sync with your wedding budget.

Destination Wedding Planning & Budget

Firstly, prepare a wedding budget guide that will help you keep track of your expenses related to planning several aspects of the wedding. This includes not only the venue, but also the theme, decoration, catering, music, florist, reception, etc.

The options for your perfect destination wedding must be first short listed so that you can choose the best out of the list. You have to decide whether you want a beach wedding or a wedding in other exotic locations like a mountainside cabin, a ski resort, a national park, or a culturally interesting city. After deciding which kind of destination you would prefer, you can thoroughly research the options available in that particular category of venue. For example, if you want a Hawaiian beach wedding then there are many beaches in Hawaii which are suitable for your destination wedding. You would have to find out which beach is suitable for your budget, number of guests, their accommodation requirements, etc.

A destination beach wedding also needs to be chosen while keeping in mind the expenses of providing for the transportation and accommodations of your guests. It is your responsibility to arrange for the hotel or resort accommodation. This has to be done with utmost care as the cost of accommodations can be very high and advanced planning has to be done to avoid last minute confusion.

Apart from the cost of the accommodation facilities, the transportation cost must also be carefully considered so that it does not overwhelm your wedding budget. For example, if your accommodation facility is far from your beach wedding venue then you would have to spend on transporting your family members, friends and other guests to and from the venue. In such cases, you may not be able to plan the exact number of times that your guests would need to be transported back and forth. Apart from the guests you may also need to transport some other items needed for your wedding like the flowers, bouquets, etc. So, remember to make the necessary arrangements while keeping your budget in mind.

Know the Rules

It is also advisable to know the rules and regulations of the venue where you have decided to conduct your wedding. If it is a beach wedding then it is all the more advisable to know the rules and regulations governing that beach. This information can be obtained from the local police officials in that particular area. The hotel may also be able to help you get the information you need. You will want to especially look into the local laws governing marriage and weddings. In this way, you can avoid any unnecessary confusion and problems that might mess up your perfect planning and perfect memories of your wedding.

A little pre-planning and following some useful wedding planning tips can result in a most memorable destination wedding for you, your family, and your friends.

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