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Beach Wedding Decoration

How to Decorate for a Beach Wedding on a Budget

Beach Wedding DecorationOfficial celebrations of love are always a grand affair, with the bride and groom looking their best and the venue reflecting luxury. Everyone is treated to mouth-watering dishes and champagne flows like there’s no tomorrow. The décor looks splendid, flowers cascade in all their glory and color schemes are designed to match perfectly. But, as everyone knows, none of it comes cheap. Weddings can cost a small fortune and if you aren’t careful, you may find yourself with barely any money left, post-wedding. Fortunately, there is a solution. With some careful planning, it is possible to have a very memorable wedding without shelling out large sums of cash.

Beach weddings are perfect if you live in a coastal area. You don’t need to do much with the setting, just add a few things here and there and you’re ready to tie the knot. The best part about a beach wedding is that the ocean, breeze and sand already make a lovely foundation for the décor so all you need to do is just enhance the set. If you’re planning on a beach wedding but need to work under a budget, worry not as we’ve listed a few tips guaranteed to make your wedding a success besides saving you a small fortune.

1. If you plan to walk down the aisle, then you’ll need to make one yourself. It’s easy, though, and shouldn’t take up too much time. To create a bit of order, you can use wooden stakes that have been painted white to mark the aisle. Decorate the stakes with ribbons and flowers. Be sure to tie the ribbons in a flowing manner so that they dance in the breeze.

2. Most beach weddings are al fresco affairs but you can also choose to set up a mini marquee. These tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose one that isn’t walled and with only a roof. This will add to the beach setting.

3. Use white beach chairs for your guests during the wedding ceremony. You can tie sheer pieces of cloth to the backs of the chairs and knot them into flowing bows.

4. Place a few candles inside the marquee to highlight the spot. Since it will more than likely be windy, you can use transparent candle coverings that are widely available in the market.

5. Beaches are loaded with shells and if you can’t find the right size or shape, you can get them over the internet or at hobby stores. Use them to decorate the edges of the aisle as well as the area under the marquee.

6. Tall vases filled with white and pastel-colored flowers can be used to add more to the décor of the marquee. Clear vases will look especially good as they will go well with the beach theme.

The tips listed above don’t require you to spend a lot of money. This way, you can save up much-needed cash for your honeymoon and for the initial course of your marriage. Use them to ensure having a memorable wedding and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process. 

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10 New Budget-Friendly Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings are gaining popularity these days. Weddings are no longer restricted to spring or summer time. You can have the absolutely romantic wedding of your dreams in winter. Don’t let the cold weather stop you. Instead, use the topographical beauty of the snow capped mountains and trees in your wedding pictures. Such beautiful scenery will surely create wonderful memories of your wedding that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

A winter wedding reception should typically be held indoors. You can implement some of the most innovative winter wedding reception ideas without hurting your budget. You simply need to be creative and crafty at times to be able to make your own décor pieces. A DIY wedding reception can be innovative as well as cost effective.

You need to allocate a certain amount of your budget to each and every wedding item you are going to buy and then form a total wedding budget. For this, you would need to research the market regarding various accessories and their price ranges. You would also need to talk with a lot of people like confectioners, florists, etc to get some of the best deals.

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In the winter, you can experiment with the décor as well as your attire. In fact, the décor can be really cost effective if you use fewer flowers. This is because in the regions with snowfall, very few fresh flowers would be available and they would also be very expensive. However, it is difficult to imagine a wedding without fresh flowers. Hence, you can use some Daffodils, Anemone, Amaryllis, blue Touch-me-nots, etc. in your décor. They are available in winter and hence would be reasonably priced. You can also use Holly, Tulips and Jasmine.

One more option is to use artificial flowers. You can use a few fresh flowers and some flowers made of silk in your bouquet. Silk flowers also look quite beautiful. You can use edible sugar flower decorations on your cake. Many of these flowers are available ready-made with most of the confectioners.

Using plenty of silk and crepe fabric in your decorating is another good option and would be very much in your budget. These fabrics look good on the main wall, pillars, etc. they add plenty of grace. You can use pastel and bright shade combinations like red and pink, white and bright pink, etc.

Christmas style decorations are also a good option for your winter wedding. You can actually put up a Christmas tree and decorate it just the way you decorate for Christmas. Keep this in the center of the hall. One more idea is to surround this tree by gifts and favors and let the guests keep one favor for themselves. You can have some special small gifts if there are any kids in your wedding. This would be fun for kids and would seem more like a Christmas gift. The gifts need not be expensive but should be useful items.

One more option is to fill in your décor with plenty of candles. This looks good especially if you have your wedding in the afternoon or evening. It gets dark early in winters. Hence lighting of candles early in the evening after 4pm would also be a good option. You can make your own candles at home. Also, there is plenty of variety in the market that would surely fit your budget.

It is essential that you have a budget planned for your wedding irrespective of the season you are getting married in. It is possible to have a dream come true wedding absolutely in your budget if you plan it well. Probably, the only drawback of a winter wedding is that you need to start preparing well in advance. You need to contact the wedding planners, confectioners, decorators, etc well before you might think you should approach them.

Some of these people are part time wedding planners and hence work only in the traditional wedding season (spring and summer). In winters you would find them doing something else or a full time job. Hence, it might be difficult to track them down in winters. However, if you do it all on time, it is possible to get the best deals out of all of them.

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wedding cake

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Today we are sharing a guest blog article with some valuable tips for planning a wedding on a small budget from blogger Sophia Joseph of

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

A wedding is an extravaganza that instigates tedious planning and a never-ending shopping list. It is a dream coming true for those who are going to redefine this relationship in their lives. Couples have many fancies and visualizations to make their wedding a grand success. But castles are not built in air. In reality every wedding needs to be properly organized and planned well. Everything from setting the wedding date to the time you go on honeymoon has to be pre-planned. Couples need to strategize the wedding plan in a seamless way.

wedding cakeThe first step to start planning a cheap wedding involves setting your wedding date sometime in advance. This ensures that you book the reception hall and venue before the rush hour and would not end up cancelling or rescheduling your wedding date. Check with your guests beforehand and plan the bookings in person. Adapting such an approach will save a massive amount on the cost of booking the desired venue.

The next pricey affair is your wedding dress. Brides usually spend lots of time and money to buy the best wedding dress for them. There is no denying the fact that your wedding dress adds a pleasing charm to your wedding. But you could accomplish the same charisma by renting your wedding dress or borrowing it from your mother or one of your aunts.

Wedding jewelry is another sumptuous aspect of a wedding that threatens to consume your budget. Those brides who have limited finances and want a cheap wedding can buy artificial or imitation jewelries like Cubic Zirconia, Artificial pearls, Rhinestones, Sterling Silver or white gold in place of diamonds. Furthermore, you could also rent jewelry that matches your dress.

Another wedding budget friendly idea is that you could decorate your reception area or venue in a very creative and imaginative manner. Instead of using fresh flowers to decorate the reception hall you could use some artificial flowers to adorn the room. Besides being expensive, fresh seasonal flowers demand very careful handling or they will quickly appear wilted or damaged. Another thing to consider is that the centerpieces do not need to be an extra expense if you wisely use your favors as centerpieces.

I would not recommend spending a large amount on the cake. Though cutting the cake is an indispensable customary function, there is a great way that you can save money on the cake. You can have a professional wedding cake decorator make and decorate the piece of cake that gets cut by the bride and groom. If you want it to be a three tier cake, have the top tier be real cake but the lower two tiers be styrofoam cake forms that are iced and decorated along with the top tier. Then, you or someone you know can make the sheet cake that gets served to your guests at cost. So, instead of paying the professional for all of the cake making, you just pay the professional for the bit of cake that has to be decorated and look good for the pictures. Your guests won’t care who made the sheet cake they’re eating as long as it tastes great.

Whether you want a lavish extravaganza or an elegant and well planned wedding is entirely up to you.  The above tips on how to plan a wedding on a tight budget should help you to accomplish the wedding of your dreams and save some money wisely for your future.

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I am Sophia Joseph. I am a wedding planner and blogger. I love to share my ideas and views of how to plan a wedding perfectly, cheap wedding and all wedding planning ideas.

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Save a Fortune on Wedding Flowers

Are you planning a wedding on a budget? One hefty expense in planning a wedding is the flowers.

From the bride’s bouquet to the boutonnieres, the flowers add essential beauty and elegance to a wedding.

The primary cost of flowers is in the service fee. It takes a professional florist a lot of time and skill to put together all those bouquets and arrangements for you.

You can save yourself a pretty penny by making the arrangements yourself. Or, if you don’t have time, see if one of your friends or sisters is willing to put the arrangements together.

wedding flowers bridal bouquetAt your local hobby and craft shops you can find all the silk flowers and instructional magazines and books you’ll need. And you know what? It’s not really that difficult! The craft store sells bouquet handles with foam for you to stick the wire stems into, lace collar for the handle, green floral tape, the silk flowers, and everything else you will need to make a beautiful silk flower arrangement.

By the way, we do suggest that you use silk flowers rather than live flowers because they cost less, are easier to work with, can be arranged months in advance of your wedding, allow for perfection as they can be bent and arranged however you want, and they’ll be a permanent memento of your wedding as they won’t wilt.

Also, consider that even a simple arrangement such as a ribbon tied around long stemmed flowers can be quite beautiful.

The flowers will beautify your wedding and you won’t have to pay a fortune for them because you will only have to pay for the cost of the materials instead of paying for the experience and time of a professional.

We hope you try your hand at arranging your own flowers so that you can avoid paying the expense of a professional florist; however, if you prefer to have a professional florist handle your flower arrangements for you, then you will want to read the section in Wedding Planning on a Budget that tells how to work with professional wedding service providers to get the best deals from them and you will also want to take a look at the vendor questionnaires included with Wedding Planning on a Budget so you can be sure to get exactly the kind of service you are hoping for.

To finish off, we want to share a series of 14 videos teaching how to make silk bridal bouquets. Their order was not labeled, so sorry if we didn’t order them quite right.

For more videos by this wedding flower arrangement designer, such as how to make centerpieces and corsages, click here.

wedding balloons

Make Your Wedding and Reception Float on Air with Wedding Balloons

wedding balloonsQuality decorating balloons only cost pennies a piece yet when assembled by a professional balloon decorator they can turn your wedding into a magical experience.

What if you or someone you knew gained the secrets of balloon decorating and were able to decorate your wedding or reception for just the cost of the balloons? You would save hundreds of dollars while turning your wedding event into a scene from a fairytale!

Today, we want to give you some resources that will show you everything you need to know to decorate with wedding balloons like a professional wedding balloon decorator.

The website that inspired this post and provides the most helpful content is Balloon Decor Secrets. At this site a professional balloon decorator spills all the secrets of the trade beginning with which brand of balloons to use (so your balloon art doesn’t pop or shrink!) and going on to give extremely helpful wedding balloon decorating advice and finally easy step-by-step instructions that will guide you in making beautiful wedding balloon arches, wedding balloon pillars, and any other kind of wedding balloon decoration by which you would like to adorn your wedding celebration. Hope you find Balloon Decor Secrets as helpful as we did.

Here is an introductory wedding balloon decoration video to get you started.

Finally, another great resource for learning how to make wedding balloon decorations is Balloon Decoration Guide. It is the next best thing to the comprehensive help provided at Balloon Decor Secrets and the information in the Balloon Decoration Guide is freely available.