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Wedding Budget Calculator

The Breakdown: Wedding Budget of $5,000

Wedding Budget CalculatorIf you are planning to stay within a wedding budget of $5000 then you will want to start with figuring out how to alot your $5,000 among the various wedding expense categories.

Figuring out how to distribute wedding budget funds is easy with a wedding budgeting tool that let’s you adjust what percentage should go towards each category of your wedding budget.

The wedding budget spreadsheet we used puts 6% of your budget towards miscellaneous expenses such as wedding license fee and tipping by default. We thought that was excessive, so we simply changed it to 2% and added the remaining 8% to another category that we felt needed more funds than given by default.

Using that easy to use wedding planning tool, we came up with the following $5,000 wedding budget breakdown.

$5,000 Wedding Budget Sample Breakdown

Dress and Other Attire............$  750
Photography / Videography.........$  500
Music / DJ........................$  350
Floral / Decorations..............$  400
Stationery........................$  300
Rings.............................$  300
Transportation....................$  100
Gifts / Favors....................$  100
Ceremony..........................$   50
Miscellaneous.....................$  100
Other.............................$   50

If some of those numbers are kind of hard to take, you can, of course, customize your own wedding budget breakdown for whatever wedding funds you have at your disposal using the wedding budget spreadsheet we mentioned earlier. Also, you can get wedding budget saving tips and advice from the bride who figured out how to save $22,000 on her own wedding from that bride’s website Wedding Planning on a Budget.

Bridal Lingerie

Wedding Night and Honeymoon Resource Kit for the Bride on a Budget

Here is your source for bridal lingerie for your special night, best honeymoon deals, and discovering how to keep that honeymoon feeling forever.

Bridal Lingerie for Your Special Night – Bridal LingerieYour wedding day calls for the perfect wedding dress. Don’t you think your wedding night deserves the perfect attire too? Check out lingerie stores for honeymoon lingerie.

Best Honeymoon Deals – Wouldn’t it be nice if all the best honeymoon deals from all over the internet could all be seen and compared in one place? That’s exactly what the Best Honeymoon Deals Blog offers the bride and groom looking for that perfect honeymoon deal.

How to Keep that Honeymoon Feeling – Everyone says that your romance will never last. But they will only be right if you let them. Our love for one another is as fresh as when we were looking goo-goo eyed at one another on our first date. We want you to know how to keep your romance fresh for the long haul. Grab yourself a free copy of our e-Book The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage: How to Keep that Honeymoon Feeling

For help planning your wedding day on a budget, visit Wedding Planning on a Budget

wedding flowers bridal bouquet

Save a Fortune on Wedding Flowers

Are you planning a wedding on a budget? One hefty expense in planning a wedding is the flowers.

From the bride’s bouquet to the boutonnieres, the flowers add essential beauty and elegance to a wedding.

The primary cost of flowers is in the service fee. It takes a professional florist a lot of time and skill to put together all those bouquets and arrangements for you.

You can save yourself a pretty penny by making the arrangements yourself. Or, if you don’t have time, see if one of your friends or sisters is willing to put the arrangements together.

wedding flowers bridal bouquetAt your local hobby and craft shops you can find all the silk flowers and instructional magazines and books you’ll need. And you know what? It’s not really that difficult! The craft store sells bouquet handles with foam for you to stick the wire stems into, lace collar for the handle, green floral tape, the silk flowers, and everything else you will need to make a beautiful silk flower arrangement.

By the way, we do suggest that you use silk flowers rather than live flowers because they cost less, are easier to work with, can be arranged months in advance of your wedding, allow for perfection as they can be bent and arranged however you want, and they’ll be a permanent memento of your wedding as they won’t wilt.

Also, consider that even a simple arrangement such as a ribbon tied around long stemmed flowers can be quite beautiful.

The flowers will beautify your wedding and you won’t have to pay a fortune for them because you will only have to pay for the cost of the materials instead of paying for the experience and time of a professional.

We hope you try your hand at arranging your own flowers so that you can avoid paying the expense of a professional florist; however, if you prefer to have a professional florist handle your flower arrangements for you, then you will want to read the section in Wedding Planning on a Budget that tells how to work with professional wedding service providers to get the best deals from them and you will also want to take a look at the vendor questionnaires included with Wedding Planning on a Budget so you can be sure to get exactly the kind of service you are hoping for.

To finish off, we want to share a series of 14 videos teaching how to make silk bridal bouquets. Their order was not labeled, so sorry if we didn’t order them quite right.

For more videos by this wedding flower arrangement designer, such as how to make centerpieces and corsages, click here.

wedding balloons

Make Your Wedding and Reception Float on Air with Wedding Balloons

wedding balloonsQuality decorating balloons only cost pennies a piece yet when assembled by a professional balloon decorator they can turn your wedding into a magical experience.

What if you or someone you knew gained the secrets of balloon decorating and were able to decorate your wedding or reception for just the cost of the balloons? You would save hundreds of dollars while turning your wedding event into a scene from a fairytale!

Today, we want to give you some resources that will show you everything you need to know to decorate with wedding balloons like a professional wedding balloon decorator.

The website that inspired this post and provides the most helpful content is Balloon Decor Secrets. At this site a professional balloon decorator spills all the secrets of the trade beginning with which brand of balloons to use (so your balloon art doesn’t pop or shrink!) and going on to give extremely helpful wedding balloon decorating advice and finally easy step-by-step instructions that will guide you in making beautiful wedding balloon arches, wedding balloon pillars, and any other kind of wedding balloon decoration by which you would like to adorn your wedding celebration. Hope you find Balloon Decor Secrets as helpful as we did.

Here is an introductory wedding balloon decoration video to get you started.

Finally, another great resource for learning how to make wedding balloon decorations is Balloon Decoration Guide. It is the next best thing to the comprehensive help provided at Balloon Decor Secrets and the information in the Balloon Decoration Guide is freely available.


The Best Wedding Budget Calculator and Worksheet

You may know that our wedding planner includes five helpful worksheets that we custom-designed just for you.

Wedding Budget Calculator and WorksheetToday, we would like to take a closer look at one of these worksheets: Your wedding budget worksheet automatically calculates your spending allowances and your totals. This is the wedding budget worksheet that does all the work for you!

You can avoid a lot of excess spending simply by planning and keeping a wedding budget. With the right tool for the job, this can be very easy. That is why we created the budget calculator worksheet for you.

If you haven’t started using your wedding budget calculator, go ahead and get started.

Even if you haven’t started reading the wedding planner yet, we want you to get started using the budget calculator right away. Consider it a preview to the many great tools and worksheets we have included with our wedding planner.

In your wedding planner there is a chapter called “Set a Budget and Stick to It” where you will find easy instructions along with a valuable set of tools for the best and easiest way to set up and maintain your wedding budget — the first and most important step to planning a financially responsible wedding.

inexpensive wedding dresses

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Many brides spend a small fortune on their wedding dresses. They want to look their best for their wedding day and they know their dress is a big part of that.

inexpensive wedding dressesToday we want to teach you how to get amazing wedding dresses at inexpensive prices.

There are two ways to get a wedding dress at a super low bargain price.

You’ll be Amazed at these Prices of Brand-new Custom-made Wedding Dresses

The primary cost of a $1,000 – $2,000 wedding dress is the retail markup due to the expense of marketing and selling a bridal gown in a retail setting. To bypass the cost of the retail markup and get the exact same dress for $80 – $200 you need to buy the dress directly from the dress manufacturer.

There is really only one trouble-free way that we know of to buy a wedding dress direct from the wedding dress manufacturer for a 90% discount. We have helped hundreds of brides get their fairytale wedding dresses CUSTOM-MADE for between $80 and $200 (for a GIGANTIC SAVINGS of $900 to $1800). To join these ecstatic brides and get a brand new dress custom made for you that you get to keep forever, read our Wedding Planning on a Budget Guide.

You’ll Love the Price of ‘Once Loved’ Dresses

What most brides don’t think about is that their wedding dress is actually only required for one day of their life. After the wedding, it will be stuffed into their closet until they finally sell it at a garage sale, donate it to Goodwill, or make room in their closet in some other way.

Now, unless you are dead set on having some extra stuffing for your closet for the rest of your life, we have a couple suggestions for you that will save you a small pile of cash.

We recommend that you save money by buying a used dress or renting a dress. Wedding dresses are only used for one day so they can be reused and no one will know the difference because reused dresses are almost brand new and look like they just came off the shelf.

Great places to buy dresses that have been used just once are in the classifieds (such as CraigsList ), at Goodwill, the Salvation Army, eBay, or online stores.

There are places online that sell and rent once loved bridal gowns. Here are several sites we recommend you check out:

Wedding Dress Market – The market place where you can rent and buy dresses from their owners.

Sell Your Wedding Dress – Brides sell their beautiful wedding dresses at amazing prices here. After your wedding you could do the same.

Worn Once With Love – UK based inexpensive wedding dress shop where you can buy the perfect ‘once loved’ wedding dress.

Swoon Wedding Gowns – UK based ‘once loved’ wedding bridal gown shop.

For more money saving strategies and tips that will help you save on every aspect of your wedding, read our Wedding Planning on a Budget Guide.


Free Honeymoon Budget Planner Spreadsheet

If you have already fallen in love with our free wedding budget planner created in Microsoft Excel, you are going to totally love our free honeymoon budget planner spreadsheet.

Enter your budget allowance and the honeymoon budget planner helps you figure out how much of your total honeymoon budget should be applied to each aspect of your honeymoon planning (transportation, accomodation, food/drinks, site seeing, etc.).

It displays your estimated and actual honeymoon budget costs as you enter them. It also keeps track of your total honeymoon costs.

We hope you find this tool to be quite helpful in your honeymoon planning. Let us know how you like it!

You can view it, download it, and start using it here: Free Honeymoon Budget Planner Spreadsheet 


Wedding Speech Tips

Bride Wedding Speech Tips
We were recently contacted by a young woman who was FREAKING OUT!!!

She had been asked by her cousin to be the made of honor at her cousin’s upcoming wedding. This was great but the idea of giving a toast in front of everyone had her really worried.

We want to share a few tips to help you or anyone in your wedding party who wants to give a great wedding speech without their knees knocking.

Writing the Speech

Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Tips
Before writing the speech, you should do some brainstorming:

  • How do you know the bride, groom, or the couple?
  • What makes your relationship with them special?
  • How would you describe them? What adjectives come to mind?
  • How has their love for one another changed them?
  • What advice would you give them?
  • What particularly amusing anecdotes or favorite memories can you share that illustrate what kind of people they are? (Note: This is NOT a good time to embarrass them!)

Groom Wedding Speech Tips
Writing the speech won’t be such a big deal if you break it down. There are three parts to a good wedding speech.

  • Opening
    This is when you get the audience’s attention, introduce yourself, and tell how you know the bride or groom.
  • Middle
    This is when you tell a short story or your thoughts about the bride, groom, or couple. Keep it uplifting, humorous, and constructive. As long as you say nice things you will have nothing to regret later.
  • Closing
    This is when you offer your congratulations and well-wishes. Make sure they are heart-felt and enthusiastic. This is a great time to propose a toast!

Best Man Wedding Speech Tips
Here is some good news: A short speech is BETTER than a long speech. Don’t wear out the wedding guests’ attention span with a long speech. Try to keep the whole speech 1-3 minutes long.

Avoid the temptation to make a splash with an embarrassing, off-color, or X-rated story or joke. Keep it clean and don’t say anything that can embarrass any of the guests or anyone in the wedding party.

Take the responsibility of giving a speech seriously. Take time to prepare and practice so that you will do a great job at the wedding. Being ready will go a long way to making you less nervous.

Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Tips
Giving the Speech

If there is alcohol at the reception, lay off until after you give the speech. Giving a speech while tipsy and slurring is so not cool!

As you get up to give the speech, stand up tall (Don’t lean on the table or you’ll look like a slouch!).

Before you start speaking, take a look around the room and look people in the eyes. This will help you avoid the nervous speech giver’s tendency to look at the floor. You want to connect with your audience. They are eager to hear what you have to say AND to support you. The audience is the speech giver’s best friend so don’t be afraid of them.

Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech Tips
Smile! Let your smile do some of the talking. Are you happy to be at this wedding? Are you happy about your part in the wedding? Smile and let everyone know!

Here is the golden rule that all good speech givers follow: Speak loudly, clearly, and slowly. You will be amazed at how time slows down and nervousness can speed up your lips to the point where it is difficult for people to understand what you are saying. You should consciously remember to speak loudly, clearly, and slowly or you will end up mumbling under your breath at the speed of lightning!

The best way to alleviate your nervousness is to take a deep (quiet) breath and keep on breathing in a proper rhythm. If you forget to breathe, then you will naturally feel light-headed and panicky. So, slow down and breathe. It’s going to be okay! Like I said about time slowing down for you, you have a lot of time in what is just a second or two from the audience’s perspective. So, don’t be afraid to slow down and take it easy.

It is a good idea to have an index card with just a handful of words on it to help you remember important items in your speech. The card should not tell you exact words to say during the speech. Only one word reminders of topics to be covered in the speech so you don’t leave out a whole story due to a brain fart up there in front of everyone.

That being said, your speech must come from your heart AND you want it to be obvious that it is coming from your heart. If the audience sees you staring at your index card, they’ll think you are just giving a prepared speech disconnected from your actual feelings. So, don’t be looking at your index card. That is only there if you absolutely need it and then only to be glanced at for that one word to trigger your memory.

You may not be the best person at giving speeches. That’s okay. You aren’t in this wedding because of your speech-giving abilities! You are among family and friends. Relax. Do your best. Do it from your heart. Be prepared. And you will do great! No one expects you to be an orator. They just want to hear what’s on your heart. I hope these wedding speech tips are helpful in letting you successfully share with the wedding guests and the wedding party.

Many people have found it helpful to receive comprehensive help along with pre-written speeches and sample toasts as guides. This is a great idea to make sure you give the best wedding speech possible.

For all the help you will need in creating the best ever wedding speech, click on the link that fits your needs:

Bride Wedding Speeches - Beautiful Words for a Beautiful Occasion!

Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches - Your Complete “How To” Guide

Groom Wedding Speeches - Saying the Right Words at the Right Time!

Best Man Wedding Speeches- How to be Fearless, Funny and Flawless!

Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches - How to be Witty and Well Prepared!

Mother of the Bride Wedding Speeches - Words of Love

Hope you found this article and the resources to be helpful. If you are planning a wedding, be sure to check out our main website for lots of wedding planning help — especially for brides with a small wedding budget who need some ingenious money-saving ideas to make their dream wedding possible.


Honeymoon Budget Planner Extraordinaire!

Many of you have come to love our wedding budget calculator. It has greatly simplified how brides and grooms plan their weddings while providing full flexibility to match your exact wedding planning needs.

Now  we want to announce the release of our honeymoon budget calculator. You will love how easy it is to use this super smart honeymoon budget planner.

It applies all the beloved features of our wedding budget calculator and adapts them to the special needs of honeymoon planning.

While you are over there checking out the honeymoon budget tool, be sure to also check out all the other great tools and information available at our new honeymoon website:  Best Honeymoon Deals

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Just for You

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet Just for You

We have created a super-handy wedding budget spreadsheet to help you in your wedding planning.

All you have to do is enter how much you want to spend on your wedding and the spreadsheet will automatically tell you about how much you should spend on each part of your wedding.

You can start using the wedding budget here>>> My Wedding Budget

If you prefer to create your own customized wedding budget spreadsheet, you should follow a wedding budget creation tutorial such as this one:

But in all honesty, you will probably find that the wedding budget spreadsheet we have created for you is flexible enough to meet all your wedding planning needs. You can enter new titles and you can change how much of your wedding budget is assigned to each part of your wedding. This makes our wedding budget calculator very user friendly.

Let us know what you think and please recommend any ways that we can improve this wedding budget tool for you.


Wedding Planning in a Recession – Q&A Time

We have responded to some questions from a reporter and thought you would find the answers interesting.

Is the idea that a wedding has to be a $30,000 staged luxury event keeping some couples from tying the knot until they have more money or the economy improves?

We have heard from some couples who have been engaged for years and are still putting off their wedding date primarily for financial reasons. They didn’t think that they could afford their dream weddings and didn’t want to give up on their dreams either so they were waiting and waiting.

It naturally takes a young couple just starting out a long time to save 20-30k for a wedding so, often, they continue to wait until they finally decide that they really need to just get married.

Usually at this point they start looking for ways to plan their dream wedding at an affordable cost — that’s when they find us.

The truth of the matter is that this idea that a nice wedding event has to cost tens of thousands of dollars is simply not true.

The problem is that many brides and grooms often do not have the discipline to stay within their wedding budget.

Most brides and grooms have an idea of how much they can afford for their wedding but they do not have a plan for achieving their goal and end up spending twice as much as they expected.

They have an attitude that as long as they are going to go into debt for their big event they might as well go all out.

What they don’t know is that most brides and grooms do not spend anywhere near as much money as these numbers we hear in the media.

You see, when you hear that couples on average spend $30,000 (now, it’s closer to $20,000 with this recession), you think that the average couple spends that much on their wedding. Not so!

Back when we were hearing that the average cost of a wedding was nearly $29,000, wedding industry insiders could have told you that actually 4 out of 5 couples would spend less than that. In fact, a full 50% of couples would spend less than HALF of that!

We suspect that this is still the case with today’s national average of $20,398. So, the average couple spends much less than the average cost of a wedding. It is the not-so-average couples from wealthy families that skew these numbers. (statistics from )

But the wedding industry doesn’t make money by putting brides and grooms in touch with reality — the wedding industry makes money by telling couples that this is the most important day of their life and that it is their once in a lifetime opportunity to make their dreams come true.

At least that has been their strategy. Perhaps the strategy will change now that they have a bunch of couples fooled into thinking that they cannot afford to get married.

According to a recent survey, 40% between the ages of 18 and 34 say they are waiting to get married and have children due to the current economic climate. So, there are a lot of couples out there who aren’t giving the wedding industry a dime right now because they think they have to save up for a wedding costing a small fortune.

Is it ever smart to delay a wedding just because you haven’t saved “enough?”

Couples need to be financially responsible; however, they must also be practical about their relationship. Couples need to be aware of extra stresses on their relationship while they are waiting to tie the knot.

They have chosen to live the remainder of their lives together and it is natural for them to want to begin experiencing as soon as possible the complete unity found in marriage.

Some couples seem to be able to tolerate long waits while they are saving up for the wedding and honeymoon. Others find the waiting period to be stressful and uncomfortable and are eager to discover how they can achieve their dream wedding at an affordable cost.

On the other hand, is it ever smart to go into debt for a wedding?

We think that couples understand better now the importance of avoiding wedding debt. Job security is at an all-time low and couples now realize that they cannot assume that they can be happy living with wedding debt hanging over their marriage.

We know that financial troubles are very much connected to marriage troubles. The two go hand in hand. That is why we find it so sadly ironic when couples go into debt on their wedding day of all times. They create debt trying to start a happy life when in fact that debt will invariably produce stress and tensions in their new life together making it more difficult than ever for them to have a happy marriage.

Brides and grooms should keep in mind that whether they are on a tight budget for their wedding now or not, they will very likely be on a tight budget once they are married and trying to build a life together. Will they remember their marriage day as a happy event in their life? Or will they wish they had a way to go back in time and spend their money more wisely so they wouldn’t be starting their new life together with so many financial headaches?

We feel that there is an unfortunate superstition among brides that their wedding day will foretell the quality of their future married life together. They feel that if they have a ‘perfect’ wedding day then they can expect a ‘perfect’ married life together.

This superstition does not hold up under analysis and if that ‘perfect’ wedding day was achieved through debt then it may more likely predict a difficult life together with some real struggles ahead.

Are parents still paying for these $30,000 affairs?

Even before the recession, many couples were paying for their own weddings. did a survey of 18,000 couples married in 2008 that reveals that 43% of couples were paying for their own weddings. 44% of the brides were receiving help from their parents and 12% of the grooms’ parents also contributed.

Whether the parents will be paying or even contributing to the wedding costs has always depended on a number of factors.

First, is the couple financially dependent on the parents? If so, they are more likely to have their wedding taken care of too. However, the marriage age is rising and most young people have left the nest and are on their own by the time they get married.

Couples who have started their careers and have left the home or have independent attitudes will probably not receive much help from their parents because their parents feel like the couple can take care of themselves or because the couple themselves feel like they should provide for their own wedding needs.

Second, we should ask if the parents’ are financially able to pay for a wedding. With many parents getting laid off and seeing their stock-market based retirement funds shrivel up, they may not be able to help much, if at all, with the cost of a wedding. Also the young adults are not as likely to seek help from their parents when they know that their parents are struggling to make ends meet.

The percentage of couples paying for their own wedding expenses has been steadily rising and we expect to see this trend continue.

It isn’t common wisdom, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see the cost of weddings drop further even after this recession as more young couples take responsibility for their own wedding costs.

Paying for an event out of your own bank account (instead of your parents’) has a way of making people more practical.

We hope the weddings of the future are not so much about things that money can buy but more about celebrating love and unity with friends and family.

Anyone who wants to have a beautiful special wedding can easily achieve their goals without going into debt. We see it all the time with the couples that visit the resources on our site and share their success stories with us after using the guidance available in our Seven Wedding Planning Secrets mini-course and our instantly downloadable book ‘Wedding Planning on a Budget.

Couples are happily surprised to find that their wedding day is actually even more special to them because they had to prioritize and plan the day for the purpose of celebrating their marriage commitment (not just a showy event) and they find that their wedding day is not impersonal but truly reflects who they are because they put their own special touch on each aspect of the carefully planned day.


Guys: Planning a Wedding Just Got Easier

Today, we would like to share an article on wedding planning written from a guy’s perspective. Hope you find it helpful.

Planning a Wedding Just Got Easier

By David C. Reynolds

The first mistake a newly engaged man makes is to believe and follow the ‘accepted norm’ that women relish planning their wedding and all men have to do is nod and say yes to everything and figure out a way to pay for it. While this ‘customary norm’ does not necessarily guarantee divorce down the road, it certainly serves to steer you in that direction from the get-go.

Why? Because women want their men to be more than just the man in the tux at the alter and they want them to actually SHARE in the planning of their special day.

Men hear this and want to run in the opposite direction – thinking ALL sorts of conflicts will ensue if they try to share in the planning. Or that they will be over ruled every step of the way anyway.

Women however will tell you that they want their future spouse to be involved in the planning – not always in the decision making, but at least in the planning. This carries forward to their married years also – men who are distant from family decisions tend to be less supportive. And in the end, this is what most women want above all else – support.

Even if you don’t agree, it is better to go through the decision making process together than to leave one party with all the decisions. If for no other reason than the one decision maker gets tagged with all the blame if something doesn’t work just perfectly. Many a bride has burned themselves out before the honeymoon ever arrives because they had to do ‘everything’.

Weddings are NOT something most men growing up desire to plan. For many, the sheer enormity of the planning makes them ill. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Many men realize that just engaging in the process pleases their future bride and tends to smooth the relationship road over the long term, a road that we all know can get quite bumpy.

Listening and communicating are traits most women say they desire in a man and the smart man is one who offers these from the very beginning of the wedding planning process.

This process is most likely going to end with a lot of ‘give and take’, so the best plan is to start giving and taking early on and establishing a wholesome pattern for the rest of your married life.

David C. Reynolds is an author and longtime veteran of the Hotel business who offers common sense, money saving travel tips and advice. He also writes on relationship issues and co-authored a honeymoon budget book. He now invites you to explore the wedding planning process and learn how this vital communication issue can be enjoyed by all parties.


Who Got the Marriage Starter Books that You Gave Away?

We recently did a blog giveaway of our three marriage starter books. Today we want to share with you the results of the book giveaway so that you can get to know the winners.

Every participant was a winner.

Newlywed GuideBy posting a comment to the blog entry sharing why they needed to save money and what they were doing to save money on their wedding, each respondent received a set of three prizes including our book The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage

Meet the 2nd Place Winner

Our 2nd place winners are Steve and Anne who plan to get married this fall.

They are on a super tight budget for their wedding with an allowance of just $2,000.

Their tip to other brides and grooms on a tight budget is to use Craigslist for your wedding purchases. Anne writes, “So far, I have bought a wedding dress, shoes and veil, all unused, off of Craigslist for a total of $125!”

Steve and Anne’s lucky entry has won them The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage and the wedding planner’s perfect companion Wedding Planning on a Budget.

wedding planning on a budget Newlywed Guide

And the 1st Place Winner

Steven and Mishia are the very lucky winners of our complete set of marriage starter books.

Mishia writes of their love story: “We met in Junior High and were best friends since! A few years ago our friendship became something more and I could not be happier! He proposed on Valentine’s day last year and it has always been my dream to have a Winter Wedding!”

This romantic couple will be married on December 19th of this year.

Steven and Mishia hope to plan their dream wedding for less than $5,000. As Mishia says, “I need to save money so that we can have money for other things such as bills!”

The set of books they won should help them meet their wedding planning goals. They are receiving a full set of our three marriage starter books Wedding Planning on a Budget, The Ultimate Honeymoon on Any Budget, and The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage.

wedding planning on a budget Ultimate Honeymoon Planner Newlywed Guide

Congratulations and Thank You!

To each and every one of our book giveaway winners, we give a hearty congratulations and heartfelt thank you.

The comments you posted about your experiences in planning your dream weddings on a budget will be helpful to everyone who takes the time to read your comments.

We wish every reader of this blog post a beautiful, dream-come-true wedding. You don’t have to be a winner of our book giveaway to get your hands on our books. You can download the books for yourself and learn how to start out your marriage right while saving money.


Wedding Planning on a Budget Book Giveaway – Everyone Wins!

Ever since this recession started last summer, we have had an amazing outpouring of interest in our book ‘Wedding Planning on a Budget’ as well as our new book ‘The Ultimate Honeymoon on Any Budget’

As a way to thank everyone for their interest in our books and as a way to help each of you to have the opportunity to benefit from the savings made possible by our books, we want to end this month with a book giveaway.

The best part is that everyone wins!

Prizes will be as follows…

1st Prize

wedding planning on a budget  Ultimate Honeymoon Planner  Newlywed Guide

A set of our three books Wedding Planning on a Budget, The Ultimate Honeymoon on Any Budget, and The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage.

2nd Prize

wedding planning on a budget  Newlywed Guide

Two of our books Wedding Planning on a Budget and The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage.

Participation Prize

Newlywed Guide

Everyone who enters will win something. All participants will receive The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage and a coupon for 25% OFF the price of Wedding Planning on a Budget and The Ultimate Honeymoon on Any Budget.

How to Enter

To enter, respond to one or both of the following questions by posting a comment to this blog entry:

  1. Why do you need to save money on your wedding?
  2. What are you doing to save money on your wedding?

Deadline and Other Details

All comments must be posted by 11:59:59 EST July 1 to be included in this contest.

One entry per person is allowed. If you must post more than one comment, all of your comments will only be considered one entry.

All entrants who follow the rules of this contest will be included in a random drawing to select the 1st and 2nd prize winners.

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Watch This Interview and Learn Our Strategies for Wedding Planning on a Budget

Since we were first noticed by the media for our success in planning our dream wedding for less than $2,000 we have accepted  a number of interviews for news stories, magazine articles, and so forth.

Usually, the reporters and journalists take a few tidbits from the interview and pass them along in their story and tell their viewers and readers to learn more about us at our website.

This last interview was different. For about 18 minutes the interviewer asked us in-depth questions and allowed us to share freely. The best part is that you get to watch the entire interview — not just a story drawn from the interview.

In the interview, we share great tips about how to save money on your wedding and go into detail about the contents of our book.

Now, finally, the interview is available for you to watch.

Access is limited. But we want you to have a free pass.

While there, you can enjoy listening to the other interviews available, which offer valuable marriage advice.