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Wedding and Reception Sites in Southern California on a Budget

California has hundreds of marvelously diverse destination wedding locations. Choose a chateau or a seafront option or a picturesque mountainous locale, here virtually any site would certainly make your wedding the most memorable event of your life.

Southern California has many locations to choose from: Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Uan Capistrano, and San Juan Capistrano. Here are some venue suggestions in Southern California which is sure to make your day unforgettable:

La Casa del Camino – best outdoor or indoor location

This venue has several outdoor and indoor locations to choose from. You can choose from a personal reception room, a rooftop resort, or a bright, sunlit patio with spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, or the lushly planted Italian square. These locations can be made to fit into the budget you are looking for.

Mission Hills Country Club – a perfect venue

Ideally a private and stylish location perfect for a destination wedding. This place takes care of every minute detail to make your day special. The exceptionally trained and well mannered warm staff here welcomes you to experience your magical moments in style. This perfect dramatic milieu has an open Main Dining Room and a Lobby Lounge which allows accommodating around 350 guests.

The Franciscan Gardens – for a queen style wedding

A very romantic destination wedding venue located in the historic downtown San Juan Capistrano. The Franciscan Gardens are filled with blooming rose trees, sparkling fountains, bridal arches, and white pillars. This venue takes you into the bygone era.

Orange County – an all time favorite wedding destination

In Orange County anytime is a great time for a wedding, even though Southern California is regularly hit with “June Gloom” during the month of June when the sun is covered by under a thick marine layer.

Tips to plan a South California wedding in an affordable way

The Southern California wedding destinations can be enormously pricey, especially if it is held near Los Angeles. In order to make your wedding both a memorable and affordable occasion, it is essential to apply some innovative and creative ideas to keep the budgets low.

Some important strategies like holding the wedding on a less popular day of the week, or looking for an affordable banquet hall, or seeking out an alternative location like parks, museums and vineyards. While economical and all-inclusive packages can be negotiated with restaurants and banquet halls, employing your personal caterer can be very sensible, if your location allows it. Here are a few tips for you to plan a reasonably priced wedding:

Plan your wedding at an unusual location like parks, gardens, vineyards, ranches, beaches and small museums. These venues offer lower rates and give you the opportunity to hire your own caterer.

A garden is a good venue for the wedding parties and they charge only $2000 for four hours, but only a caterer from an approved list is accepted here.

Check out for the discount inclusive packages. The banquet halls, VFW halls, restaurants and lodges offer an all-inclusive package and the prices here start as low as $36 per person. They also offer locations across Southern California.

Whatever be the pricing you are sure to have a memorable occasion at Southern California wedding destinations.

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