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How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Today we are sharing a guest blog article with some valuable tips for planning a wedding on a small budget from blogger Sophia Joseph of

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

A wedding is an extravaganza that instigates tedious planning and a never-ending shopping list. It is a dream coming true for those who are going to redefine this relationship in their lives. Couples have many fancies and visualizations to make their wedding a grand success. But castles are not built in air. In reality every wedding needs to be properly organized and planned well. Everything from setting the wedding date to the time you go on honeymoon has to be pre-planned. Couples need to strategize the wedding plan in a seamless way.

wedding cakeThe first step to start planning a cheap wedding involves setting your wedding date sometime in advance. This ensures that you book the reception hall and venue before the rush hour and would not end up cancelling or rescheduling your wedding date. Check with your guests beforehand and plan the bookings in person. Adapting such an approach will save a massive amount on the cost of booking the desired venue.

The next pricey affair is your wedding dress. Brides usually spend lots of time and money to buy the best wedding dress for them. There is no denying the fact that your wedding dress adds a pleasing charm to your wedding. But you could accomplish the same charisma by renting your wedding dress or borrowing it from your mother or one of your aunts.

Wedding jewelry is another sumptuous aspect of a wedding that threatens to consume your budget. Those brides who have limited finances and want a cheap wedding can buy artificial or imitation jewelries like Cubic Zirconia, Artificial pearls, Rhinestones, Sterling Silver or white gold in place of diamonds. Furthermore, you could also rent jewelry that matches your dress.

Another wedding budget friendly idea is that you could decorate your reception area or venue in a very creative and imaginative manner. Instead of using fresh flowers to decorate the reception hall you could use some artificial flowers to adorn the room. Besides being expensive, fresh seasonal flowers demand very careful handling or they will quickly appear wilted or damaged. Another thing to consider is that the centerpieces do not need to be an extra expense if you wisely use your favors as centerpieces.

I would not recommend spending a large amount on the cake. Though cutting the cake is an indispensable customary function, there is a great way that you can save money on the cake. You can have a professional wedding cake decorator make and decorate the piece of cake that gets cut by the bride and groom. If you want it to be a three tier cake, have the top tier be real cake but the lower two tiers be styrofoam cake forms that are iced and decorated along with the top tier. Then, you or someone you know can make the sheet cake that gets served to your guests at cost. So, instead of paying the professional for all of the cake making, you just pay the professional for the bit of cake that has to be decorated and look good for the pictures. Your guests won’t care who made the sheet cake they’re eating as long as it tastes great.

Whether you want a lavish extravaganza or an elegant and well planned wedding is entirely up to you.  The above tips on how to plan a wedding on a tight budget should help you to accomplish the wedding of your dreams and save some money wisely for your future.

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