stress free wedding couple

Two Ways to Take the Stress Out of Your Wedding Day

stress free wedding coupleTo make your wedding day stress free there are two things you should do:

First, take some pressure off yourself to create “The Perfect Wedding.”

Instead, set some realistic expectations and goals for your wedding. Make your wedding about celebrating your new life together. Keep in mind that no spilled punch or grumpy relative is going to ruin your wedding. That is because your wedding is about starting your new life together centered around a commitment and your love — and no spilled punch is going to ruin that!

Secondly, prepare an emergency kit. Little mishaps won’t be disasters if you are prepared for them. The kit should include things like duct tape, scissors, super glue, stain remover, first aid supplies, needle and thread, scotch tape, etc.

These two tips will go a long way towards helping you have a stress-free wedding day.

For more help having a stress-free wedding day, see the chapters called ‘Keep Perspective on the Big Picture’ and ‘Just Plain Good Ideas’ in our wedding planning guide.


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