Your 10 Essential Backyard Wedding Tips

Have you ever considered how much fun it would be to get married in your own backyard? If you have then you are definitely not alone because millions of people are looking into the possibility of using their homes as the ideal wedding venue today. In fact, planning the ultimate backyard wedding can offer you the day of your life quickly and easily because there are no worries with the venue at all. You know it will be available and are familiar with its layout. As such, all you need to do is plan the rest. What is the rest, I hear you ask? Well, the ten essential backyard wedding tips below will tell you exactly what you need to plan out starting right now:

1. Size Matters

Remember that it is not about how big your wedding is but how successful it is, and it is not going to be successful at all if you invite too many people. As such, assess the capacity of your home and yard and invite the right amount of people in line with capacity. Limit the guest list and make sure that it incorporates any staff you hire too. They may not be guests but they still take up room.

2. Measure For Measure

Hiring a tent or canopy for your backyard is a must just in case the weather does not favor you. Always remember to measure your yard first though and choose a tent size accordingly or else you may face a huge problem when your tent arrives on the big day, and one that cannot be solved.

3. Theme It Up!

A theme is an absolute must for a backyard wedding because it can be used to dictate all sorts of elements. For example, it can be used to choose the color scheme, the decorations and even the food. However, bear in mind that it is a wedding so avoid anything tacky or done to death. Try getting creative instead and using your imagination to create the ideal day for you and your guests.

4. Priorities Matter

Be sure to prioritize the tasks that you want to remain in control of because it is easy to forget certain things when planning a wedding. For example, you will need to make sure that the d├ęcor, lighting and music is taken care of but there is no reason why you cannot delegate other tasks, such as sorting out parking, relaying the lawn, calling around for quotes and sending out invitations.

5. Budget For Everything

We all know that a wedding budget includes elements like catering, outfits, decorations and so on but many people forget the most important thing to budget for. The house and garden. The garden and home needs to be in perfect condition because you will notice every crack, speck of dirt and absent grass seed. Take the time to groom the lawn into perfect condition, resurface the driveway and paint the house if need be. It will be worth it because it will contribute to the overall effect. You will also have to make sure that any outdoor furniture, such as classic porch swing sets are in perfect working order and have had a lick of paint too.

6. Color Me Beautiful

There is nothing better than looking out over your backyard wedding venue and seeing bloom after bloom of beautifully colored flowers and shrubs. As such, you should choose your colors and plant natural color providers in advance so that they come out on your big day and provide you with a lasting reminder.

7. Enjoy The Mood

A backyard wedding can be beautiful and bring a tear to the eye but if the atmosphere is flat then you will find that it will be over by nightfall as guests will just leave. As such, you should create ambiance with plenty of seating, good music from a band or your ideal playlist, and plenty of mood lighting. You can use solar lanterns to light up walkways and hang lights to make the dance floor look more appealing. That way, people have a choice of talking or dancing and will enjoy themselves all the more.

8. Buy Within Your Budget

Always budget well in advance and do not invest in anything until you know how much you have to spend. You can also save money on certain things that will be far more economical to rent than buy. Tables, chairs, tents and lighting solutions can all be hired effectively for a fraction of the price that they would normally cost to purchase.

9. Temperature Controls

Controlling the temperature of your wedding may sound impossible but it is essential if you are to ensure that your guests are all comfortable. You can hire misting technology, fans or even heaters to regulate the temperature all day and night. This is definitely worth considering.

10. Say Cheese!

Photographers are essential at weddings because you have to make sure that you can capture the big day. Hiring a professional is a must because the last thing you want is poor quality images to supplement your memories. However, you can also have other options in place, such as disposable cameras so that your guests can contribute to your memories too.

Backyard weddings really are a joy to behold and can get married life off to an amazing start. Planning well in advance is the only option though so follow this checklist and you will not go wrong!

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Jay Chua currently resides in Vancouver, Canada with his wife Deisy. Professionally, he is an Internet Entrepreneur who owns and operates, offering reviews of trendy hammocks like the quilted hammock by Pawleys Island, and other garden furniture. Personally, the couple enjoys outdoor pursuits like gardening and relaxing in their hammock chair swings to watch the nature in their yard. They also enjoy keeping up with the latest wedding trends, such as backyard weddings.


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