Wedding Gift Giving Tips For Brides and Grooms

Brides and grooms typically give a gift to their parents, each member of their wedding party, and each other.

They may also want to give a gift to anyone who is going above and beyond in helping with the wedding. We for instance, gave a gift to the videographer who provided his services at cost as well as the minister who provided his services for free.

We recommend making each gift as personal and meaningful as possible. You are trying to show appreciation to the people you cannot thank enough. You need to move well beyond monetary value and attach, instead, sentimental value to each of these gifts.

We, for instance, bought some wooden desk clocks and wooden stools. By themselves they were rather inexpensive and unimpressive. But we added a lot of sentimental value to these items by refinishing the wood and burning our names and the date of our wedding into the wood.

What we really did was attach our wedding day and ourselves to these items in a material way to indicate that the people who received these gifts were very important to us and our wedding day. Understanding the sentimental meaning attached to these gifts, those who received these items would treasure them just as we treasured the people to whom we gave these gifts.

Another great way to attach sentimental value to a gift is to make the gift a reminder of a happy memory.

For instance, Tim’s father, Rick Spooner, is an artist who recently completed a commission from a bride and groom. The bride commissioned a painting of her fiancés Oldmobile 442 to be used as her wedding gift for him. The groom commissioned a pen and ink drawing of his 1967 Olds 442 and his best man’s 1967 Camaro to be used as a gift for his best man.

These are not simply paintings and they are not simply about classic cars. These are all about powerful and happy memories associated with the classic cars being captured on canvas. You can be sure that the groom and his best man will both proudly display their respective wedding gifts in a prominent location and have very happy feelings associated with the thoughtful wedding gifts they received from some very caring individuals.

Please share your wedding gift ideas with your fellow brides and grooms by posting your comments below.


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