Watch This Interview and Learn Our Strategies for Wedding Planning on a Budget

Since we were first noticed by the media for our success in planning our dream wedding for less than $2,000 we have accepted  a number of interviews for news stories, magazine articles, and so forth.

Usually, the reporters and journalists take a few tidbits from the interview and pass them along in their story and tell their viewers and readers to learn more about us at our website.

This last interview was different. For about 18 minutes the interviewer asked us in-depth questions and allowed us to share freely. The best part is that you get to watch the entire interview — not just a story drawn from the interview.

In the interview, we share great tips about how to save money on your wedding and go into detail about the contents of our book.

Now, finally, the interview is available for you to watch.

Access is limited. But we want you to have a free pass.

While there, you can enjoy listening to the other interviews available, which offer valuable marriage advice.


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