50% Divorce Rate? Really?

Today, while doing research for a free guide he is putting together, Tim discovered a shocking truth…

The statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce is false! That’s right, not true. Just an urban legend.

Simply stated, it is the careless piecing together of unrelated statistics. Number of Marriages in one year divided by the number of Divorces that same year equals the number of those marriages that failed.

This is of course a silly mistake. The divorces for a year do not necessarily correlate to the marriages in that year. In fact, it is more likely that those divorces correlate to vows made over a long series of many years before that year the divorces took place.

Most of the divorces in the calculation are probably from marriages from many years past that finally see a green light to divorce. Let’s face it, it has only recently become more acceptable to divorce. So many marriages that have been expired for years and years suddenly sign divorce papers making it look like there is a sharp increase in divorce per marriage.

The problem is that wrong information can lead people down paths they don’t need to take. All of a sudden, couples are feeling like their marriage is doomed from the start. But they don’t realize that statistical odds are in their favor.

Unfortunately, divorce rates are much higher than we would like but couples need to know that marriage really can work “till death do us part.”

To learn more about the actual statistics, see these two articles:

Fifty Percent of American Marriages Are Ending in Divorce-FICTION!

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