Wedding Cost in Canada

According to an article recently published by Calgary Herald, the average cost of a wedding in Canada is $25,800. Their source is StatsCan.

The website says that the wedding cost in Canada is between $20,000 and $30,000.

In anycase, that is a lot of Canadian dollars. A survey by reveals what brides and grooms are spending on the weddings they are currently planning. These brides and grooms on average expect to spend $17,300. It seems that they, like the brides and grooms in the United States, have not budgeted for a $20K to $30K wedding. They are hoping to beat the averages and save on their own wedding costs.

Many Canadian brides and grooms have discovered our book “Wedding Planning on a Budget”¬†and are using its strategies to plan a wedding that fits into their personal financial goals.

We hope that more brides and grooms use our strategies to bring down the national average cost of a wedding in Canada while accumulating a small fortune in savings.

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